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Frequently Asked Questions


                                                                                                                   Do I need to go through council?

                                                                                    Sheds with floor space up to 20m2 in size with a maximum height of 3m or less wont need council approval.

                                                                                    Like wise, a Carport can be up to 25m2 without council approval.

                                                                                    Also depending on your land zoning, you may or may not need approval for a larger shed.

                                                                                   How close can I build to the boundary fence?

                                                                                   The general rule is 1 metre for sheds and 600mm for carports from the side and rear boundaries.

                                                                                   In most cases you cannot build in front of the building line of the house. (There are exeptions) 

                                                                                   Can I have a toilet in my shed?

                                                                                   Yes you can. Councils will approve sheds with toilet and wash tub facilities. However if you wish to have a shower,

                                                                                   this may depend on the area you live in and the purpose of your shed.

                                                                                                                  Can I use my own contractors for parts of the job?

                                                               R & D Garages and sheds are happy to supply you with any information and plans your contractors may need to smoothly

                                                                                  complete their part of the build process to our specifications.